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It all began in 2000 , when I was welcomed to the Magic Lab in Milan  thanks to Stefano Mambretti, where I began the real study of the Magic Art.

The teachings of great masters of the field, such as Vanni Bossi, Gino Moggio, Alfonso Zoli and many others, have allowed me to acquire new techniques and knowledge.

In 2005, my mentor Gigi Pangrazio (Mago Gigi) invited me to join the Club Magico Ticino   (CMT), where I continued my training in search of a unique and personal style.

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to perform together with illustrious professionals, such as Gigi Pangrazio, Gianfranco Preverino, Fantasios, Federico Soldati and several colleagues from the Magic Lab in Milan.

I also participated in street magic events such as: Magic Lugano - 3 magicians in the square , Stralugano ,   Telethon.

The long path undertaken has led me to become today

President of the CMDI - Magic Club of Insubria (ex CMT).


Club Magico Dell'Insubria

For the first time in Ticino, theater and magic come together to give rise to
to a unique show designed for a wide and diverse audience
In January 2011, with the collaboration of theater director Franco Di Leo of Luino's Teatro della voce and actresses Federica Domestici and Susanna Baseotto, I founded the Club Sortilegio Teatrale, of which I hold the position of president. It is a nonprofit cultural club whose purpose is to create and disseminate performances based on the combination of theater and magic.
The ideals of the Sortilegio Teatrale Club were realized with a staging entitled.

The Great Gambini - The King of Magic. 

The entire play can be viewed at this link:

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