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For more than 20 years of activity, I have had the opportunity to exhibit at the most important companies in Italian-speaking Switzerland.Here are listed some of the clients I have worked for:


IMV Invertomatic Sa

EgoKiefer Sa

Bracco Consulting

Belimport Sa
Loris Kessel Auto Racing
Carsound Systems
Cinema Theater of Chiasso
Club 74 Social Theater in Mendrisio
Muralto Palacongressi Theater
Teatro del Gatto of Ascona
Union Riva S.Vitale Theater
Chiodo Theater of Bellinzona
Banco Theater
Ferrera Theater in Varese
Jazzy Jams Ticino
Feast of the Mendrisio and Melano Courts
Lugano Artistic Gymnastics Grand Prix
Swiss Association of Judo and JU-Jitsu
Ronchetto restaurant in Comano
Camping La Palma Agno
Circus school of Lidia Golovkova
Circus Tonino

mago Lip Referenze
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