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The KaLip duo consists of:
Carmela Paola (aka Ka) and Tiziano Lippmann (aka Lip)
Members of the exclusive Bizarre Magick Italia Club
and the
Magic Club Dell'Insubria   (CMDI)
From this collaboration, experiments and acts of Illusionism, Mentalism, Classical and Stage Magic have been created, some of them transformed into a bizarre key,
Emotional Mentalism and Bizarre Magick, some of which bordering on the paranormal.

A very deep and introspective magical experience,
where the sensations experienced go far beyond simple amazement . Our performances are varied, our main goal is to meet your needs, our experience allows us to range throughout the illusionism/performance.
For us it is fundamental to be able to give and recive Emotions, trying to have an interaction with our audience, involving them in our performances. 
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